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jazz it up!

Designs can be embellished with glitter, jewels, and liquid bling!

Have a BLACKLIGHT PARTY.  UV reactive paints are also available!   Great for bowling, skating rinks, Halloween parties.

Why Add Face Painting to your Event?

FUN!    Children and Adults alike enjoy getting a custom design painted on their face or arm!   The wonderful smile as a child sees themself in the mirror the first time as a Princess or Spiderman... PRICELESS!

MEMORIES!   Whether it is the Mom-Cam or a Selfie, pictures of the fantasy faces will show up on Facebook, in family albums, on the company website.... Making a memory that lasts forever!

Nothing but the best!

We use only professional  FDA approved/compliant face and body paints.

Painters adhere to strict guidelines for cleanliness and safety.

Our company is fully insured.